School Hours are from 8:50-3:55 2017-2018 SCHOOL SUPPLIES order online May 1- June 9       Welcome to the Timberwolf Clinic!       It's Cold & Flu Season. Remeber to Wash Your Hands Often!

My name is Margaret Saxe, RN and this is my 9th year at Tom Cox Intermediate. I am looking forward to sharing the school
year with you and your child!
Here are a few tips to help make this year a healthy one!

  • Please keep your contact information current, so you can be easily reached when your child needs you during the school day.  
  • To make changes, please contact the registrar.
  • Make sure your child knows at least one parent/guardian phone number.
  • Please send in a copy of any immunizations that your child receives over the summer or
  • during the school year so the school records can be kept up to date.
  • Consider placing a complete change of clothing in your child’s back pack.
  • Please contact the clinic as soon as possible to discuss ongoing health concerns that may require attention at school.  
  • The direct number to the clinic is 281-465-3211; the nurse's email is:  

  • There are 2 Required immunizations  for in coming 7th graders .  They are Tdap (Tetnas, Diptheria & Acelluar Pertussis) & Meningitis (MCV4). These immunizations must be obtained prior to schedule pick up day of 7th grade in August, 2017.  
  • If your child receives their immunizations prior to the end of this school year, please provide an updated copy of your child's immunization record to the Nurse at Cox.  If your child receives their immunizations during the summer break, please provide an updated copy of your child's immunization record to the Nurse at York JHS or the junior high that your child will be attending prior to the schedule pick up.
  • Please contact your school nurse if you have any questions

  • Per CISD policy: A student with the following symptoms will be sent home from school :
  • temperature of 100 degrees or more (37.7 Celsius)
  • vomiting or diarrhea
  • suspected contagious condition/illness
  • Student is too ill to function in the classroom
  • severe stomachache, headache, or earache
PLEASE NOTE:  A student should not be sent to school if fever-reducing medication is required to get the temperature below 100 degrees.
 To help keep our Cox family healthy, students should be fever free/vomiting free for 24 hours before returning to school following an illness.


  • Medications (over the counter or prescription) to be administered at school:
  • must be delivered to the clinic by the parent and signed in with the nurse.
  • must be in the original container and labeled for age-appropriate use.  
  • All medications, including cough drops, must be kept in the clinic during the school day.
  • Students may not transport medications to and from school.
  • Prescription medications must include the pharmacy prescription label.


  • Some children have health-related dietary restrictions.  Please contact the clinic if your child has any type of food allergy.
  • We recommend that foods eaten in the classroom contain no peanuts/nuts of any kind.  
  • Lunch is eaten in the cafeteria; your child MAY bring peanut/nut containing foods for lunch.
  • When planning birthday celebrations, we request the following:
  • Check in with the teacher a day or two in advance regarding any restrictions.
  • Per district policy, homemade items are no longer permitted.  
  • Food items should be in the original store packaging with the nutrition label intact.
  • Items may only be served at lunch
           Please contact the clinic if you have any questions

Margaret Saxe RN, H.B.Sc.N




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